The Lasagna Festival

The Lasagna Festival

It is not easy to describe such an event, since it expresses the spirit of our whole community, based on traditions, solidarity and promotion of the territory.

The queen of the Festival is the homemade “lasagna”, prepared by our housewives following the traditional way: thin strips of pasta with tasty Bolognese sauce, made with locally produced ingredients. Our lasagna stands out because of its ancient flavour, the flavour of simplicity and of good things which recalls distant memories, lulled by the early spring warmth which wraps up our Park in May.

Wine choice is also very careful, demonstrating how much Montenero's Pro Loco takes into consideration its guests. A wide range of locally produced wines is submitted to the judgement of a group of qualified enologists, who select the one which best fits to the menu of the Festival. This procedure connects the Sagra to our rural territory and to a new generation of farmers who gave impulse to the local economy by growing Montecucco D.O.C. Vineyards, our flagship together with olive oil and cereals.

Montenero d'Orcia organizes together with the Lasagna Festival “la MOTOSGASSATA DEL MONTECUCCO”, a local motorcyclist meeting in the first weekend of the Sagra, following an eno-gastronomic itinerary through our territory, with wine and food tasting in some of the nearby wine cellars. A chance to meet our countryside, breathing fresh air and enjoying our traditions.

Montenero's Pro Loco also helps our priest, Don Antonio, in the organization of the CHARITY LUCKY DIP inside the Lasagna Festival. The profit will be granted for charity to humanitarian associations.

The last Sunday of the Festival is the “Pintata del Rotolo” Day, the palio between the four “contrade” of Montenero. In this extraordinary competition the four teams (Disottina, Dogana, Fabianese and Orcia) battle for victory.

During the two weekends  you can enjoy all kinds of musical entertainment and also the traditional “briscola” tournament.

Our Lasagna Festival is even more than this and we like to think of it as a carousel: you can jump on whenever you want and enjoy the lightness and serenity which this event may offer to you, opening our hearts to the approaching summer.